ITA, iCon, 2 Module, Oversized Backshell, EMI 

Weight 1.0 lb [.45 Kg]
Frame Material Nickel Plated Aluminum Alloy
Hardware Material Stainless Steel Alloy
Drive Unit Material Bronze and Stainless Steel
Plastic Components and Protective Cover Material Black Thermoplastic
Cable Clamp Material Powder Coated Aluminum
Max. Cable Bundle Diameter 1.95"
Available Module Slots 2 Positions
Cycle Life

10,000 Cycles

Temperature -55° C to 125° C

ITA, iCon, 2 Module, Oversized Backshell, EMI

The iCon XL offers an extra-large u-shaped cable clamp which allows modules to be pre-wired before assembly and can hold cable bundles with an oblong bushing effective diameter of 1.95" and offers a cable bend radius of 1".  A  slide-off backshell allows easy access to wiring for maintenance and probing. The iCon XL also offers EMI shielding. 

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