Micro Power


  • Rated to 21 Amps continuous using 12 AWG wire
  • Max contact resistance of 1.5 mOhms
  • Mating force of 2 lbs
  • 10,000 cycle life

  • High Density I/O
  • Crimp Contact designed for 12 & 14 AWG wire
  • Soldering optional with smaller wires

  • Modules are designed to handle harsh environments and incorporate protective contact features for both sides of the mating Modules
  • Standard modules are available in single or double wide options carrying 50 or 120 contacts
  • The iCon Series Modules offer three module configurations of various I/O including hybrid signal modules
  • Modules can be loaded with any mixture of Micro Power and Micro Coaxial contacts

User Manual 


Micro Power Contacts & Tools

Contacts and tools that can be used with VPC micro power contacts.

Micro Power Modules

Micro Power Modules