i2 MX

Increased Opportunities with the i2 MX

  • Interchangeable modular inserts
  • EMI-shielding available
  • Maximum cable bundle capacity with innovative cable exit
  • i2 MX enables mixing of signal, power, VTAC HSD and coax
  • Easy access for trouble-shooting and maintenance with removable side panel on ITA backshell

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Modular Inserts

  • Interchangable modular inserts to fit any requirement
  • Increased contact selection: QuadraPaddle, TriPaddle, Micro Coax/Power, Mini Coax/Power, VTAC
  • Four preconfigured solutions available

Precise, Reliable Engagement

  • Spring-locking tabs fasten over latching post for secure engagement
  • Slimmer, metal engagement knob allows increased horizontal stackability
  • Reversible all metal backshell for multiple mounting options
  • Specifically designed Receiver strain relief for reliable patchcord alignment and security

PCB Capabilities

  • Options include: horizontal mounting with use of stake pins, right angle mount with use of header, and i2 to flex print
  • 84 Pin Header offers solderless compliant pins for easy implementation
  • Innovative header easily adapts i2 for quick termination to connectors such as VHDCI and 68 Pin SCSI

Flying Leads

  • Flying Leads ITA Cable Assemblies enable Pin Your Own Configuration flexibility