i2 Micro iCon

i2 Micro iCon

More than Just a Connector

  • Highly versatile
  • Single module offers up to 168 pins in one connector using QuadraPaddle signal technology
  • Ideal connector for signal needs in a small footprint

Precise Engagement

  • Rugged engagement mechanism engineered for 10,000 cycles
  • Spring locking tabs fasten over latching post for secure engagement
  • 360° engagement handle provides zero Z tolerance
  • Polarized modules ensure proper alignment while optional keying pins isolate each connector preventing operational mismatch

Connection Options

  • Ability to be primary or secondary interconnect
  • Can be discrete-wired or PCB-mounted
  • 0.8" footprint allows horizontal stackability
  • 30° angled cable exit allows vertical stackability

PCB Capabilities

  • Options include: horizontal mounting with use of stake pins, right angle mount with use of header, and i2 to flex print
  • 84 Pin Header offers solderless compliant pins for easy implementation
  • Mounting bracket secures PCB to i2 receiver
  • Innovative header easily adapts i2 for quick termination to connectors such as VHDCI and 68 Pin SCSI

Flying Leads

  • Flying Leads ITA Cable Assemblies enable Pin Your Own Configuration flexibility
  • i2 Micro iCon Signal Flying Leads assembly offers up to 168 signal points


Features and Benefits                 

  • 168 signal points with QuadraPaddle Technology                                                                 
  • Hybrid option offers 120 signal points and 12 micro coax/micro power points              
  • 30° cable exit for vertical stackability
  • 0.8” footprint for horizontal stackability
  • Integrated spring locking tabs
  • PCB compatible
  • Flying lead options allow you to pin your own configuration

Exceptional Design Features

  • Engaging mechanism integrates spring locking tabs that fasten over the latching post for secure engagement
  • Keying pins and a square locking mechanism ensure even and precise engagement
  • 0.8” footprint allows horizontal stackability
  • 30º angled cable exit reduces height required by the connector, allowing more space in front of the rack for instrumentation and minimizing the vertical space between connectors in a multi-connector panel layout