Signal Module, Receiver, QuadraPaddle, 480 Position, Fully Loaded with Twin Female Contacts and Square Posts for Wire Wrap (610 138 200 and 610 138 118)

Material Black Liquid Crystal Polymer
Temperature Range Operating • -55° C to 125° C
Non Operating • -65° C to 225° C
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage (DWV) 1500 VDC Min.
Available Contact Positions 480
Module Slots Needed 2

QuadraPaddle modules are molded on .100” (2.54 mm) centers to meet the need for high-density I/O in a compact assembly. Allowing flexible configuration options with standard commercial connectors, QuadraPaddle modules are designed to fit any VPC pin and socket-based Mass InterConnect system. Available in 192 and 480 contact positions, QuadraPaddle modules accept standard .100” (2.54mm) pitch headers, breadboards, and connectors for direct PCB, ribbon cable, and other connections as well as discrete wiring.

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