PCB Adapter, Receiver, SIM, VTAC, 14 Positions, to (1) 12x InfiniBand

PCB Material Rogers 4450/RO4003 W/ PSR-4000BN solder mask
PCB Pads Immersion gold
VTAC Insert Material Blue/black LCP
VTAC Contact Material Alloy 7025
InfiniBand Housing Material Nickel-plated carbon steel
InfiniBand Contact Material Gold/nickel-plated copper alloy
InfiniBand Shell Material Nickel-plated carbon steel
Module Positions Required 14
Number of Extraction Tools Required 2
RoHS 2011/65/EU Compliant

A small, modular PCB board that connects high speed digital inserts (VTAC) to a single 12x InfiniBand connector. Great for COTS cable configurations. Compatible with all VTAC/SIM receiver modules.

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