Wiring Services

VPC's Wiring Services provide engineered, finished and quality-tested cable assemblies and patchcords to help complete your interconnect solution. Using wire in an interconnect solution allows for flexibility in a test system with contacts that are individually replaceable. Custom cables can also be engineered to combine multiple instruments into one receiver module. VPC's staff of trained engineers can help design custom cables to meet any type of testing need. 

In addition to being ISO 9001:2015 certified, VPC is also an IPC member in good standing. The VPC wiring team includes certified IPC trainers in-house and all assemblers have IPC/WHMA-A-620 application specialist certification. VPC is capable of producing to all IPC classes (1,2 and 3) depending on customer requirements. 


  • Single & double-ended patchcords configured to specification
  • Over 100 contacts & wires to choose from including USB, RJ45,
    and many other standard connectors 
  • Design your own patchcord with VPC's Patchcord Designer

Cable Assemblies

  • Discrete-wired cable assemblies incorporate a VPC module & mating connector
  • Connect directly to test instrumentation 
  • Available in multiple lengths & configurations
  • Include mechanical drawings & wire lists
  • Allow for quick integration with PXI systems
  • Customize your own solutions with VPC's Cable Solution Selector

Quality Tested


VPC's Quality Assurance Lab utilizes a CableTest ATE Multi-Point Tester (MPT) to test for:

  • Point-to-point continuity
  • Shorts
  • Insulation resistance
  • Electrical response of RF cables to a specified frequency range