VTAC Wired

VTAC Wired configurations reduce resistance and increase signal integrity with a seamless transition from wire to connector. 

This can be demonstrated in an example using the results of VPC quality and performance testing on VTAC patchcords. The results are reflected in the graph below. 

Insertion loss was tested on one-meter long patchcords with SFP+ terminations on either end. The second data line (red) shows the same patchcord, but bisected and terminated with VTAC connectors in its center. 

The results show no significant deviation from the SFP signal until approximately 6.25 GHz. Even at 6.25 GHz, there is only -1dB of difference between the two patchcords, which is approximately a 10% loss. 

With signal integrity playing such an important role in high speed testing, the obvious choices for high bandwidth data testing are VTAC Wired products.