VTAC Insert

The configurable VTAC high speed data insert features a data transfer rate of more than 12.5 Gbps per differential pair. Their gold-plated, self-aligning contacts are specifically designed to reduce crosstalk and increase signal integrity during HSD transfers while maximizing cycle life.

Each VTAC  insert has a cycle life of over 150,000 without signal degradation. 

Click here for video instructions on how to properly extract VTAC inserts from a SIM module. 

User Manual 

Insert - VTAC

  • VTAC, Insert, Receiver/ITA, SIM, Blank Insert Kit, 10 Pieces
    VTAC, Insert, Receiver/ITA, SIM, Pass-Thru, 8 Pos, 1 Slot


  • ITA, i2 MX, 176 Position, 22 Slot, VTAC, EMI Backshell  (includes front protective cover)


  • Receiver, i2 MX, 176 Position, 22 Slot, VTAC, EMI-Shielded

Tool- Extraction

  • Tool, Extraction, VTAC, Receiver and ITA
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