VTAC Modules

Each of VPC's Snap-In-Modular (SIM) inserts share the same footprint, which makes them all compatible with our i2 MX connector, 90 Series SIM modules, and iCon/i1 SIM modules. This added compatibility means more options to intermix insert types within a single module and to conduct tests at a range of signal speeds.

Click here for video instructions on how to properly extract VTAC inserts from a SIM module. 

Module - iCon/i1 ITA

  • VTAC, Module, ITA, iCon, 16 Positions

Module - iCon/i1 Receiver

  • VTAC, Module, Receiver, iCon, 16 Positions  

Module - ITA

  • SIM, Module, ITA, 90 Series, 34 Position

Module - Receiver

  • SIM, Module, Receiver, 90 Series, 34 Position

Module Insert - i2 MX ITA

  • SIM Module Insert, ITA, i2 MX, 11 Position

Module Insert - i2 MX Receiver

  • High Speed Insert Slides, i2MX, Receiver, 11 Position


  • Receiver, i2 MX, 22 Position, EMI-Shielded
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