The 9025TR has over twice the I/O as the G12 and is outfitted with the same 20-inch platform to support enclosures while engaging and disengaging. The front-mount ITA is user-friendly, allowing the enclosure or fixture to be fastened from the mating side. The docking feature of the 9025TR provides an easy way of guiding a fixture into position prior to engagement. Runners along the platform provide a smooth-sliding action, ideal when using fixtures up to 180 pounds. The 9025TR uses all standard modules and contacts, includes a microswitch and is available with optional table legs and keyboard tray kit.

User Manual 

Extender Block Kit

  • Rack Extender Kit, 9025TR, 1.5" Deep


  • ITA, 9025, 25 Module, Single Tier

ITA Enclosure

  • Enclosure, 25 Module, Hinged Cover Plate, for 9025TR
    Enclosure, 25 Module, Front Mount, Sloped, for 9025TR

Keyboard Tray

  • Keyboard Tray Kit, Slide Configuration, Keyboard with Touchpad Mouse Included

Leg Kit

  • Adjustable Leg Kit for the 20" Platform, 27 - 36", Supports 350 lbs.

Protective Cover

  • Protective Cover, 9025, 9025VXI & 9025TR, Receiver
    Protective Cover, 9025, 9025VXI & 9025TR, ITA

PXI Chassis Mount Kit

  • Dual Chassis Mounting Kit, for mounting 2 PXI chassis together


  • Receiver, 9025TR, 25 Module, with 20" Platform (slide kit required)

Slide Kit

  • 20" Slide Kit, Fits 18"-22" Deep Racks, Supports 180 lbs.
    24" Slide Kit, Fits 22"-26" Deep Racks,Supports 180 lbs.
    30" Slide Kit, Fits 28"-32" Deep Racks, Supports 180 lbs.
    28" Slide Kit, Fits 26"-30" Deep Racks, Supports 180 lbs.
    36" Slide Kit, Fits 34"-38" Deep Racks, Supports 180 lbs.
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