9025 VXI

The 9025 VXI Receiver is a 25-odule solution designed for use with VPC pre-wired interconnect adapters, but can also accommodate a combination of pre-wired interconnect adapters and discrete-wired modules using retainer blocks.

1-4 modules attach to an interconnect adapter which in turn is attached to the VXI card. This connector “funnel” forms a complete VXI module, which is easily inserted or removed from the VXI mainframe for maximum flexibility in testing applications. The interconnect adapter also provides room for driver sensors. External cabling to the card is done with a cable clamp or connector located on the top or bottom of the adapter. The positioning of funnels and use of discrete wiring modules can affect the performance of the product. Please contact us for technical assistance.

User Manual


  • Module Retainer Block Set, for Discrete Wiring, 2 Positions
    Slot 0 Module Retainer Block Set, for Discrete Wiring, 1 Position


  • ITA, 9025, 25 Module, Single Tier

ITA Adapter Plate

  • Adapter Plate, 9050 Enclosure to 9025 ITA (ITA Positioned on Lower Part of Enclosure)

ITA Enclosure

  • Enclosure, 25 Module, Hinged Cover Plate, 4" Deep
    Enclosure, 25 Module, Hinged Cover Plate, 8" Deep
    Enclosure, 50 Module, 50 Module 4" Adapter for 25 Module, Hinged Cover

Protective Cover

  • Protective Cover, 9025, 9025VXI & 9025TR, Receiver
    Protective Cover, 9025, 9025VXI & 9025TR, ITA


  • Receiver, 9025 VXI, 25 Module, C-Size Interlocking

VXI Adapter

  • Interconnect Adapter, C-Size, Double Slot, 4 Module Positions
    Interconnect Adapter, C-Size, Single Slot, 2 Module Positions, Clamp Style
    Interconnect Adapter, B-Size, Single Slot, uses VME to VXI Adapter
    Interconnect Adapter,  C-Size, Single Slot, (use with Part # 510109355)
    Interconnect Adapter, C-Size, Double Slot, Racal 1260-100 Carrier

VXI Adapter Plate

  • VXI Plug & Play Adapter Plate, 8U, (also fits Racal 7U Chassis)
    VXI Plug & Play Adapter Plate for 9U Chassis
    VXI Plug & Play Adapter Plate for Racal Instruments 9U Chassis
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