Custom PCB Enclosures

Designing a PCB into your ITA

Our customers have shared a long history of using printed circuit boards (PCB) in the interchangeable test adapters (ITAs) of their automated test equipment (ATE) stations. Whether you are designing a self-test fixture, looking to save space, improve signal integrity, or reduce cable management concerns, Virginia Panel Corpoation has a team of engineers to help you design, manufacture, and integrate PCBs into your ATE system.

Custom PCB Housings and Fixtures

VPC specializes in custom PCB housing design. Develop your next test fixture with VPC, and our engineers can design a PCB housing or complex wired enclosure to help complete the connection to your DUT.

  • Offers flexible options using PCB and wire.
  • Presents new approaches for ITA development.
  • Provides an economical alternative to a discrete wired ITA.

Backplane Connectors

Sometimes complex systems require complex board arrangements and communications. Design your PCBs in confidence using VPC's VTAC technology, and create right angle and vertical header connections that optimize your design. By stacking VTAC contacts to create a backplane connection, cards can be arranged in a perpendicular or coplanar configuration.

  • Recovers real-estate in ITA with PCB
  • Duplicates designs easily for deployment of multiple ATE stations
  • Creates loopbacks without a bend radius on wire

PCB Mount Technology

Whether you are designing boards at signal speed or for a high speed digital application, VPC offers a wide variety of header contacts to help complete board-to-board connections.

Ask our field application engineers about our coaxial headers!

Choose Any ITA

PCBs can be used in any ITA. No matter which size interface you choose, our engineers can help you design your ITA application.

  • Compatible with popular G12 and 9025 interfaces.

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