ITA, G6, 6 Module, Oversized Backshell

Weight 2.45 lbs. [1.11 kg]
Cover Material Aluminum
Frame Material Chromated Aluminum
Available Module Slots 6
Max. Cable Bundle Diameter 2.5"
Cycle Life 20,000 Cycles
Temperature -55ºC to 85ºC
Max Mating Force 630 lbs. [285.8 kg]

ITA, G6, 6 Module, Oversized Backshell

This oversized backshell for the G6 ITA features an adjustable cable exit that can accommodate cable bundles up to 2.50". To accommodate cable exit size variations, excess shield material may be snapped off via a perforated design.

This backshell also allows for an increased bend radius which is necessary for many wiring configurations including high speed due to larger wire sizes.

Compatible with p/n's 310104318, 310104336, and 310104344 and the G6 ITA is backwards compatible with the G6X Receiver (310104481). 

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