TriPaddle Signal, Contact, Receiver, 5 Amp, .025" Round Post, 30µ" Gold

Operating Voltage & Current 5 Amps Max. Continuous (20 AWG)
600 Volt Max. use of wire Mil-W-16878/4
Contact Resistance 4 mOhms Max.
Measured at 50 mV @ 100 mA
Mating Force 4 oz. Nominal [0.11Kg]
Dielectric Withstanding
Voltage (DWV)
1500 VDC Min.
Insulation Resistance 4000 MOhms Min.
Contact Body BeCu
Contact Plating 30µ” Au over 100µ” Ni
Cycle Life 20,000 Cycles

TriPaddle Signal contacts carry up to 5 amperes (22 AWG wire) or 10 amperes (14 AWG wire) continuous and can carry pulsed current up to 15 amperes at a maximum duration of 800 milliseconds. Resistance ranges from .002-.004 OHMS. Superior performance is achieved by VPC's patented Tri-Paddle design. This TriPaddle contact is intended for mounting to a PCB.

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