S6 Tabletop Configuration

The S6 Tabletop Configuration includes a 15” platform with four rubber feet allowing the system to safely sit on top of any horizontal surface. These feet are removable to enable a permanent tabletop mount configuration. 

User Manual 



  • ITA, S6, 6 Module, with Protective Cover

ITA Enclosure

  • Enclosure, S6, 1.75"x18"x8"
    Enclosure, S6, 1.75"x18"x8", for Discrete Wiring
    Enclosure, S6, 4"x18"x12"
    Enclosure, S6, 4"x18"x12", for Discrete Wiring

Protective Cover

  • Protective Cover, S6, Receiver
    Replacement Protective Cover, S6, ITA

Rear Cover

  • Rear Cover, S6, Tabletop Configuration, for Part # 310 122 100
    Rear Cover, S6 with Platform, Tabletop Configuration, for Part # 310 122 110/111


  • Receiver, S6, 6 Module
    Receiver, S6, 6 Module, with 15" Platform, for Slide Mount (slide kit required)
    Receiver, S6, 6 Module with 15" Platform for Tabletop
    Receiver, S6, 6 Module with 20" Platform for Tabletop
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