This 9-Module Solution provides reliability while simultaneously engaging up to 1,920 signal contacts. The adaptable G6x integrates a wide variety of I/O options in various module configurations and now includes iCon module options.  Contacts are incorporated into cable assemblies for specific instruments. The ITA has a unique, removable EMI-shielded cover which allows easy access to modules and contacts.


Signal Integrity

  • Precise signal integrity maintained by Quadratrack™ engagement system
  • Shielded backshell reduces electromagnetic interference

Increased I/O

  • Engages up to 1,920 signal contacts
  • Uses up to 3 iCon modules for increased functionality
  • I/O options include signal, RF, power, fiber, pneumatic, and high speed digital

Backward Compatibility

  • Can be used with the G6 or G6x ITA 
  • Allows use with existing ITAs and test program sets (TPS) while extending functionality

Slide-off Backshell

  • Provides easy wire access
  • Built-in cable clamps for securing multiple types of wiring