This 9-Module Solution provides versatility in the same small footprint as the G6. This high-density Interconnect can simultaneously engage up to 1,920 signal contacts. The ability to add 3 iCon modules into the interface design provides up to 25% more I/O. The ITA has a unique, removable EMI shielded cover which allows easy access to modules and contacts.


  • ITA, G6, 6 Module, with Protective Cover
    ITA, G6, 6 Module
    ITA, G6x, 9 Module, Removable Backshell, Keying Feature
    ITA, G6x, 9 Module

Protective Cover

  • Protective Cover, G6x, Receiver
    Protective Cover, G6x, ITA


  • Receiver, G6x, 9 Module
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