48 Module Pull-Thru Solution

  • Direct connection to instrument modules
  • Remove connector modules and instrumentation from chassis backplane
  • 0.80" centers correspond with PXI system slot requirements
  • 40 vertical module positions with 8 horizontal for 48 total capacity
  • Accepts all standard VPC 90 Series modules

PXI Pull-Thru Adapters

  • Enable removal of PXI cards and PCB assemblies as one unit
  • Allows PCB adapters or discrete-wiring to PXI card
  • Works with NI FlexRio Adapter

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  • Receiver, G40x, 48 Module,  Slide Mount 


Module - Blank

  • Blank, Module, ITA, PXI Pull-Thru, 1 Pos

Pull-Thru Adapter

  • PXI Pull-Thru Adapter, Single Slot, 1 Module Position
    PXI Module Adapter, Receiver,  1 Module Position

Mounting Flange Kit

  • Mounting Flange Kit, G40X, Receiver, f/ PXIe 1084/1095 Chassis

Slide Kit

  • 20" Slide Kit, Fits 18"-22" Deep Racks, Supports 180 lbs.
    24" Slide Kit, Fits 22"-26" Deep Racks, Supports 180 lbs.
    30" Slide Kit, Fits 28"-32" Deep Racks, Supports 180 lbs.
    28" Slide Kit, Fits 26"-30" Deep Racks, Supports 180 lbs.
    36" Slide Kit, Fits 34"-38" Deep Racks, Supports 180 lbs.


  • Microswitch, Pull-Thru Receivers, Replacement
    Adapter Plate, Receiver, f/ G20x or G40x 
    Adapter Plate, ITA, f/ G20x or G40x

G40X Enclosure

  • Enclosure, G40x,  Hinged Cover,  6" Depth

Protective Cover

  • Protective Cover, G40x, Receiver
    Protective Cover, G40X, ITA
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