ITA, i1 XL, 1 Module,  XL Cable Exit 

Weight .55 lbs [.25 Kg] without protective cover
Frame Material and Clamp Housing Glass Reinforced Thermoplastic
Hardware Material Stainless Steel
Latches Nickel-Plated Beryllium Copper
Backshell Glass Reinforced Thermoplastic
Protective Cover Material Low Density Polyethylene
Cable Clamp Material Powder Coated Aluminum
Cable Bundle Diameter (max.) 1.26"
Cycle Life

10,000 Cycles

Temperature -55° C to 105° C

ITA, i1 XL, 1 Module, XL Cable Exit

The i1 XL offers an extra-large cable exit that can hold cable bundles with a cable effective diameter of 1.26" .  A  slide-off backshell allows easy access to wiring for maintenance and probing. Most commonly used in high-power applications with VPC's high power modules and patchcords. Includes protective cover (not pictured). 

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