Signal, Contact, ITA, QuadraPaddle, 5 Amp, 26-30 AWG

Operating Voltage & Current 5 Amps Max. Continuous; 600 volt Max. use of wire Mil-W-16878/4
Contact Resistance 25 mOhms Max.
Measured at 50 mV @ 100 mA
Dielectric Withstanding
Voltage (DWV)
1500 VDC Min.
Insulation Resistance 5000 MOhms Min.
Contact Body Brass
Contact Plating 30µ” Au over 100µ” Ni
Contact Termination Crimp/Solder
Cycle Life 20,000 Cycles
RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU Status Compliant
REACH Article 33 Status Compliant
ECHA Article 59 of Reach Regulation Compliant
AVG Mating Force (lbs) 0.24

Signal, Contact, ITA, QuadraPaddle, 5 Amp, 26-30 AWG

Primary mating contact 610138116. (May mate with other Receiver contacts, as well.)

Available in twin-female, crimp/solder, twin male, and wire-wrap design, QuadraPaddle contacts are engineered for flexible interconnect options. Rated at 5 amps continuous (1250 VAC) with a 2 ounce insertion force, QuadraPaddle contacts provide 4 reliable points of contact per pin, outstanding electrical performance, and low mating force.

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