iCon EMI

  • VPC's iCon EMI connector features all of the same benefits as the iCon, but with Electro-Magnetic Interference Protection
  • "Mate First, Break Last" feature connects the earth ground circuit
  • Earth ground terminal prevents user shock and injury
  • Threaded metal coupling adapter on ITA allows for max cable bundle of 1.50 sq. in.
  • Fully wired connectors are available with flying leads


User Manual 


  • Receiver, iCon EMI , with Protective Cover and Strain Relief


  • ITA, iCon, EMI-Shielded, with Threaded Coupling Adapter and Protective Cover

Protective Cover

  • Replacement Protective Cover, iCon, Receiver
    Replacement Protective Cover, iCon, ITA

Keying Pin Kit

  • Keying Pin Kit, iSeries, Receiver and ITA
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