G12x Tabletop

The G12x Receiver has four removable rubber feet below the platform and also allows for permanent tabletop mounting. Available with 15" or 20" platforms. The G12x accepts ITAs designed for both the G12 and G12x allowing versatility with your test system.

User Manual


  • ITA, G12, Front Mount, 12 Module with Protective Cover
    ITA, G12x, Front Mount, 18 Module

ITA Enclosure

  • Enclosure, G12, Front Mount, 4"x18"x12"
    Enclosure, G12, Front Mount, 4"x18"x12", for Discrete Wiring
    Enclosure, G12, Front Mount, 7"x18"x12"
    Enclosure, G12x, Front Mount, 6"x18"x12"
    Enclosure, G12x, Front Mount, 6"x18"x12", for Discrete Wiring
    Enclosure, G12x, Front Mount, Sloped

Keying Pin Kit

  • Keying Pin Kit, Receiver/ITA

Protective Cover

  • Protective Cover, G12x, Receiver
    Protective Cover, G12x, ITA, Aluminum

Rear Cover

  • Rear Cover, G12x, Tabletop Configuration


  • Receiver, G12x, 18 Module, with 15" Platform for Tabletop
    Receiver, G12x, 18 Module, with 20" Platform for Tabletop
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