i1 XL (High Power)

User Manual 

  • Ideal for high power/ amp applications
  • Single module offers 4 high power contacts in one connector
  • Removable backshell allows easy access to wiring for maintenance and probing

Adjustable Cable Clamp Strain Relief

  • Large cable opening specifically designed to accommodate up to (4) 2 AWG Cooner wires
  • Cable clamp strain relief is adjustable to allow tightening for various cable bundles
  • Angled cable exit reduces bend to maintain wiring electrical integrity

High Power Contact Technology

  • Specifically designed contacts are rated to 150 Amps continuous
  • Multiple points provide 360° of contact
  • Easy to engage with low insertion force
  • Robust contact rated to 10,000 cycles

Module and Patchcord Options

  • iCon Modules can be wired for a safety interlock with use of our TriPaddle contactsm
  • Contacts tested and designed for use with 2 AWG Cooner wire CW6044-14(UL Rated), AS 105-14(Non-UL), or equivalent


  • ITA, i1 XL, 1 Module,  Extra-Large Cable Exit 

Module - iCon/i1 ITA

  • Signal / High Power, Module, ITA, TriPaddle, iCon Series, 4/4 Position

Contact - ITA

  • High Power, Contact, ITA, 150 Amps, 2 AWG 

Cable Assembly- ITA

  • Cable Assembly,  ITA, 36", i1 Hybrid 4/4, TriPaddle, High Power,  Flying Leads


  • Receiver, i1, with Protective Cover

Module - iCon/i1 Receiver

  • Signal / High Power, Module, Receiver, TriPaddle, iCon Series, 4/4 Position

Contact - Receiver

  • High Power, Contact, Receiver, 150 Amps, 2 AWG

Cable Assembly- Receiver

  • Cable Assembly, Receiver, 36", i1, TriPaddle Signal/High Power to Flying Leads

Mounting Panel

  • Mounting Panel, i1, 2U, 8 Positions, Rack Mount
    Mounting Panel, i1, 6U, 4 Positions, Slide Mounting (slide kit required)


  • Cover Plate, i1, for Mounting Panel Cutouts, Painted Gray

Protective Cover

  • Replacement Protective Cover, i1, Receiver
    Replacement Protective Cover, i1, ITA

Keying Pin Kit

  • Keying Pin Kit, iSeries, Receiver and ITA


  • Backshell, i1, Receiver, with Large Cable Clamp
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