This 6-Module solution provides versatility in a small footprint and can simultaneously engage up to 1,440 signal contacts. The Vertical Hinged Mounting Frame Configuration is suitable for rack or chassis mount applications and offers quick access to resources and cables. The ITA has a unique, removable, EMI shielded cover which allows easy access to modules and contacts.


  • Threaded Coupling Adapter, G2, G6, G10, ITA, for Conduit Harnessing Assemblies/Clamps


  • ITA, G6, 6 Module, Removable Backshell, Keying Feature, with Protective Cover
    ITA, G6, 6 Module, for EMI
    ITA, G6, 6 Module
    ITA, G6, 6 Module, Oversized Backshell

ITA Enclosure

  • Enclosure, 6 Module, 4" Deep with Hinge

Keying Pin Kit

  • Keying Pin Kit, Receiver/ITA

Protective Cover

  • Protective Cover, G6, Receiver
    Replacement Protective Cover, G6, ITA

PXI Chassis Mount Kit

  • Chassis Mount Kit for Pickering 40-908, 40-914, 40-918
    Chassis Mount Kit for National Instruments Chassis (PXI-1044/1045/1065/1085 and PXIe-1065/1075)
    Chassis Mount Kit for Agilent M9018A Chassis


  • Receiver, G6, 6 Module, Keying Feature
    Receiver, G6, 6 Module, Keying Feature, with Micro Switch
    Receiver, G6, 6 Module, Keying Feature, EMI Gasket
    Receiver, Two G6, 6 Module, with Slide Mounting (slide kit required)

Vertical Hinged Mounting Frame

  • Vertical Hinged Mounting Frame, G6, 5U, 1 Position
    Vertical Hinged Mounting Frame, 5U, Blank
    Vertical Hinged Mounting Frame, G6, 5U, 2 Positions
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